Hi! My name is Kensie Benoit. 

When I was 14, I killed the idea that anyone was going to put a limit on my dreams.

When I was 15, I proved that the rumor was true -- that I was a good girl, crazy about Elvis.

When I was 17, I was up to the challenge of being the first person in my family to ever move away for college.

When I was 18, I showed the world that I didn't mind sharing my birthday week with Kooper Benoit :D.

When I was 21, I showed my boss that kids act out when they are bored and made it my mission to always have fun with them.

When I was 24, I started blogging about court reporting, positive affirmations, and healthy living.

When I was 25, I killed the idea that divorce HAS TO break you. It actually has the ability to make you even stronger.

When I was 26, I showed the world that if you survived heartbreak, you can survive anything. We must not let our circumstances define us.



What you need to know about me:

Born and raised in Texas, Kensie Benoit has been a reporter for seven years and is currently an official court reporter in a  felony criminal district court in San Antonio, Texas. Kensie has been a motivational force for students through her popular Facebook page Court Reporting StenoLife and has been a speaker at previous state and national conventions. She also previously taught online classes during the week for Simply Steno and served as a proctor for the Texas state exam, served on the board of directors for the Texas Court Reporters Association, and is a past president of her local association. She believes that was possible by hard work, networking, and being involved with state and national associations, as well as serving on the board. 

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