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Is there a local A to Z San Antonio Facebook group? 

No. However, we do have a local court reporting Facebook page that many future reporters and professional reporters are a part of.

Why is the A to Z program only 6 weeks?

It is an INTRODUCTION to the keyboard. The goal is to teach you the basics of the machines, not theory, and to get you into school as soon as possible.

Why do I have to return the A to Z notebook?

The NCRA notebook are the property of NCRA. They do not belong to our local San Antonio A to Z.

Why was my equipment different from other people's equipment in my class?

All equipment was graciously donated by professional court reporters. Some equipment is newer and some has been well maintained over the years and can still be used. Machines, tripods and bags were all donated for the benefit of people doing our local A to Z program and we take what we can get to allow as many people to do our program as possible.

Why don't court reporters give specifics about how much money they make?

As I'm sure you're aware of by now, there are many different routes to take in court reporting -- officialship, freelance court reporter, CART provider, captioner. All salaries vary greatly depending on the location you work and which one of these you choose. It can also vary depending on your skillset and the type of work you want to take. We don't give specifics because of these factors, and we don't want to be misleading.  However, you can narrow down the area and want to work in and the type of work you want to do and Google it and find some pretty useful information.

Am I able to pick up or drop off my machine before the time given?

Usually no. Sometimes we will make special exceptions though. We are all working reporters at the courthouse and our schedules are very unpredictable. We plan ahead to distribute and collect machines.

Is there a listing available of companies that will hire freelance stenographers?

Yes. Below is a list of local freelance agencies.

Do any local companies agencies provide internships?



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